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We are committed to satisfying our customers

with great Nyonya kueh and food.

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for your family members and friends living or studying abroad

a burst of flavor

to an array of dishes. Sprinkle over rice, mix into noodles, or use as a flavorful condiment for snacks

Hae bee hiam

Spicy dried shrimp

or Hae Bee Hiam, is a delectable and iconic delicacy in Singaporean cuisine.


crafting this delectable treat from scratch

Nyonya food and kueh
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Experience the authentic taste of Nyonya kueh & food

At Makko Teck Neo restaurant, we serve a wide variety of Nyonya kueh, and traditional Peranakan dishes, such as ayam buah keluak, dry mee siam, bak kueh, rempah udang, Nyonya kueh chang, and pineapple tarts. Authentic Peranakan dishes made fresh daily.

Savor authentic Peranakan treasures, from Nyonya kueh to pineapple tarts, meticulously handcrafted with traditional recipes and premium ingredients at Makko Teck Neo.

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Indulge in a delightful Nyonya kueh experience when you customised your order.

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Offer Nyonya kueh & food for any occasions

Welcome to our Nyonya kueh and food offering! We are thrilled to offer you a selection of traditional and modern Nyonya kueh and dishes, all carefully crafted to delight your taste buds.

Delightful flavors of Nyonya Kueh and Food

NYonya Kueh

Customise your selection

Get a set for your any occasion

Rojak sauce

Create your own rojak

Select and mix your own vegetable with our home-made sauce

Golden ball $35 (Approx. 32pcs)

Bake to order all year round

Pineapple pastry with a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Home-made pineapple jam


Party sets ( 30 or 50 pcs)

Get a set for your weekend gathering

bak kueh

Must try traditional snack

Made with mung bean paste & our Nyonya kueh chang filling

Buah keluak

Prepared in a rendang sauce

Serve it with pork ribs or chicken for your makan gathering

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Traditional Nyonya Treats

Almond cookie $17 (Approx. 50pcs)

Traditional almond treats

A tender, delicate texture that offers a satisfying crunch with every delightful bite, highlighting their almond essence

sugee cookie $17 (Approx. 50pcs)

Decadent nutty flavour

They are loved for their crumbly and melt-in-your-mouth texture, as well as their rich, nutty flavor

butter almond $19 (Approx. 35pcs)

Rich butter taste

This is a delightful pastry that combines the rich flavors of butter and the nutty goodness of almonds

Kueh Dahlia $18 (Approx. 35pcs)

Traditional festive treats

The dough is piped into a dahlia flower shape creating an intricate and beautiful design, and topped with a red cherry

Sugee cake $50 (Size 7' x 7')

Baked with crushed almonds

Made with mung bean paste & our Nyonya kueh chang filling

Prawn Crackers $13

Crispy snacks

Fried in our kitchen and we do not reuse the cooking oil. Less oil. Perfect for snacking

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